COFILMIC winning films 2012

Peters Place - Daryl

Peter finds out a shocking secret about his brother, Daryl.
WINNER: Best Sitcom Pilot
WINNER: Comedy Central Industry Choice

Created, written and performed by Nicholas Bowe

© Nicholas Bowe

The Devil's Apricot

Damon Lewis works for Treble Six Records. He tells us what it's like working for the Devil.
WINNER: Picturehouse Pick
RUNNER UP: Best Short Film

Written and Directed by Jonathan Brooks

Producer/DOP Mat Laroche


Damon Lewis - John Rutledge
Satan - Mark Davison
Brenda - Charlotte Hunter

Music & Sound
Mudshark Audio -
Rhys Hutchins - Goldie Lookin' Chain

Additional Cinematography - Michele Cadei
Production Designer - Stuart Mackey
Costume - Giulia Scrimieri
Prosthetics - Tristan Versilus
Tail Animation - Jake Whiteman

Satans Minions:
Martin Wrench & Eleanor Peters Savva

Location - Soho Recording Studios

Thanks to:
Tomboy Films
The Wogans
Sophie Urquhart

Based on an idea by Jonathan Brooks and Martin Wrench

Additional Dialogue:
John Rutledge
Mark Davison
Chris Lean

A "Chips" Production in Association with Hell's Training Academy 2012

The Misadventures of Randolph Tempest

Randolph Tempest is a lover, fighter, rock and roll hairdresser and part time worker at Tesco's. He regales us with a tale from his diary, a diary thats a recollection of things that will happen to him in the future.
WINNER: Audience Vote

Written by and Featuring - Peter Slater

Also Featuring - Nicola Hobday and Steve Cain

Production Manager - Rima Sen
Production Co-ordinator - Liana Morris
Runner - Katy McGowen

Art Director - Skye Weston
Lightning Cameraman - Tim Pollard
Camera Assistant - Alex Dove
Sound - Mark Atkinson

Hair and Make-up/Wardrobe - Ellie Jamieson
Editor - Craig 'Wild Goat' Leedham
Motion Graphics - Rai Lea
Audio Dub - Paul 'Lion Ears' Billington

With Thanks To:
Mark Corcos at Tesco - Parrswood
Fiona Moran at The Living Room

Director - Martin Riley
Producer - Gill Isles

A Lion Eyes/Baby Cow Production

For more information contact 'Martin Riley' at Lion Eyes TV
+44(0)161 245 4600

Gay in The Attic

A titillating tale of a man who has his very own gay in the attic.

WINNER: Best Short Film

Narrator: Derek Griffiths

Man: Adam Loxley
Woman: Madeleine MacMahon
The Gay: Michael Coupland

Director of Photography: Mark Swaffield
Composer: Martin Medina
Focus Pullers: Phil Walker and James Anderson
Sound Editor: Seb Juviler
Sound Designer: Michael Mandalis
Colourist: Ross Birkbeck

1st Assistant director: Rebecca Callas
Producer: Meera Thavasothy
Writer and Director: Simon Connolly

Special Thanks to:

Michael Coupland
Julian Lamoral-Roberts
SNK Studios

© Not Waving But Drowning Films 2011

CSO Manchester

On Burnage Council Estate, South Manchester, Vince Flannigan and Duncan Harding are two community support officers trying to make a difference.
WINNER: Audience Vote


The Job

Out of boredom a man applies for a new job online.

WINNER: Best Sketch

Directed by Rob Reed & Aiden Synnott

Written by The Team
Camera - Rob Reed & Eoghan Synnott
Sound - Dominic Graham-Hyde
Editing/Grading - Eoghan Synnott
Sound Designer/Editor - Oliver Cooper


Aiden Synnott
Paul Synnott
Richard Newman
Dominic Graham-Hyde
Eoghan Synnott

A Cork On The Fork Production

Thanks to:

Scarlett at Rowleys
Anna Collins
Steve Marsh


Ben and Jackie

Ben, a taxi driver, tells of his week on the job and the highlight he looks forward to every Monday, taking Jackie to ASDA.

Runner Up: Best Sitcom Pilot


Posh Off

Two incredibly posh men rudely interrupt each other walking paths leading them to engage in a battle of ruthlessly polite and courteous apologies.
WINNER: Audience Vote


Posh Man #1 Richard Beenham
Posh Man #2 Alex Kanefsky

Camera: Alexander Oates
Audio: Matthew Birtles
Written by Daniel Harlos
Additional Material by The Cast and Crew

Script Editor: Paul Nash
Production Assistant: Becky Matthews
Produced and Directed by Daniel Harlos

The Limericks of Wilfred Owen

Private Sparrow and Leftennant Owen exchange poetry in the trenches during World War One.
RUNNER UP: Best Sketch


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