It’s time for the next Sketch in the City event - a writer-based live night at the Three Minute Theatre in Manchester, with the next show on 5th April 2017. This includes a live sketch-off where we perform the winning sketches from competitions in 2016.

We are looking for sketches of no more than three minutes, to be performed by the Urmston Unusuals, a three-woman and three-man troupe.

We need sketch submissions from writers based in the North of England and the best will be selected and performed live at the show, alongside other live comedy.

You don’t need to be an established writer to submit material and there is no entry fee. We always invite our comedy industry friends to pop along, and more often than not, they do! It is a great opportunity to showcase your work, live.

Audiences will be asked to vote for their favourite sketch incorporating past winners and new material. The winner will receive a COFILMIC Sketch of the Year award.

The submission window is now open and will close at 12Noon on Sunday 5th March.

Submission rules and terms and conditions are few, but important:

Submissions should be sent to

Selected scripts will be announced week beginning 16th March and the relevant writers notified. Unfortunately we don’t have the time to reply to those who are not selected.

Get Scribbling!

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