Writing & Selling TV Comedy in London

A Unique 6 week course, delivered by a professional writer who is actively creating and writing TV comedy.

It is an intensive and interactive programme where you will be expected to create and work on your ideas from week one and aim to complete a pilot piece by week six

You will have access to the course leader for one to one tuition throughout the course period, by e-mail and telephone.

Upon completion of the course, COFILMIC will organise a showcase event in London where extracts from all scripts will be performed live, by local actors.

Industry professionals, including, production companies broadcasters and casting directors will be invited to attend as well as friends, family and the general public.

Following that, there is an opportunity for those with the strongest scripts, to have a practice pitch session which will involve a TV development producer. This is not an actual pitch of your work, but will give those chosen an idea of how this process works - as well as a chance to make valuable industry contacts.

Two scripts have been optioned as a direct result of the course and showcase so far!

Materials:  Detailed course notes will be provided at the first session

Starts: 24th Aug 2014

Tutor: Dave Cohen


The Westley
81-103 Euston Street

When:  SUNDAY 24th AUG for 6 weeks    Timing: 12PM to 2PM

Cost: £395


Details of the course

Week 1: Where to Start

  • Understanding the sitcom genre
  • Different types of written comedy
  • Planning your original sitcom

Week 2: Story, Characters and Setting

  • The importance of story ‘arcs’ and ‘beats’
  • The balance between comedy and drama
  • How to invent original characters, how many and how to make your characters different

Week 3: Script

  • What a good script should look like
  • How to write good dialogue
  • How to write jokes

Week 4: Read Through

  • Hearing your words brought to life
  • Feedback and script development
  • The importance of 'funny'

Week 5: Re-writing and Commercial Considerations

  • How to go about the essential task of re-writing
  • Finding opportunities
  • Agents, contacts and what commissioners want

Week 6: Prepare to Pitch

  • Final script polishing
  • Treatments and series plans

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